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Time to get ready for the holiday season

10% off our NEW Weight Loss Reset Program

Introducing for the first time our new Weight Loss Reset Program. Keeping your patients on track after their fast and encouraging lifestyle habit changes, you'll choose from one of the following Weight Loss Reset Program bundles to offer, we will add the Weight Loss Reset Program bundle to your store, and your patients will be able to purchase it for continued support throughout the program. ProLon + 14-Day Detox Program by NuMedica ProLon + VEGECLEANSE PLUS™ 21 DAY DETOX PROGRAM by Designs for Health ProLon + Dynamic Detox Program 28 Day from NutriDyn

We've taken care of follow up for your patients to provide support throughout the program. Once the bundle is purchased, then automatic support emails will trigger once the items have shipped to be with your patients every step of the way.

Use this code:


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