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Fasting is sacrificing something that comforts you or is important to you. There are many reasons why individuals choose to fast. What is your reason? Is it sacrificial or is it to reset, reboost, and rejuvenate? Prolon brings your body through different states including a fasting state, fat burning, cellular clean up, stem-cell based regeneration and cellular renewal and rejuvenation. You can enjoy the benefits of sacrificing the things you love and reaping the health benefits while eating at the same time!

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Thank you Cherlonda for introducing me to Prolon! The thought of not being able to eat made me apprehensive. Nonetheless, you reassured me I would enjoy the benefits. I realized how much I mindlessly ate food and consumed drinks. This program served as my catalyst to unlock my inner prisoner!

I lost 6 lbs and 4 inches from my waist. It also allowed to quiet my mind and focus on my spirit and soul. Thank you again for encouraging me to complete the program. I’m grateful for you!

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